Police in Costa Mesa seized 30 lbs. of meth and arrested two suspects.

Recently, the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) of the Costa Mesa Police Department and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) conducted a narcotics investigation in Costa Mesa that resulted in the apprehension of two individuals.

Situated in a county to the south of Orange, the suspects were in possession of an estimated thirty pounds of methamphetamine with the intent to sell.

The weight in grams of 30 pounds of methamphetamine is 13,607.8 grams. Depending on purity and location, the average price of a single gram of meth can range from $20 to $500; however, prices rarely exceed $100, per Recovered. The street value of the drugs seized in this drug bust by the Costa Mesa Police Department exceeds $1.3 million, assuming a price per gram of $100.

An individual struggling with meth dependence may annually spend a range of $12,800 to $38,300 on the quantities of meth required to maintain their habit.

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