NYC police say a sick man wearing a Chucky sweatshirt

NYC police say a sick man wearing a Chucky sweatshirt with the phrase ‘No More Mr. Good Guys’ molested a woman.

According to authorities, a woman was assaulted by a disturbing individual wearing a sweatshirt with the face of Chucky and the words “No More Mr. Good Guys” on it. The incident occurred in Brooklyn last week.

According to authorities, a woman who was 27 years old was walking on St. John’s Place near Sixth Avenue in Park Slope at around 10 p.m. on October 4th when an unknown person approached her from behind and sexually assaulted her.

After that, he sprinted away, making his way towards the east on St. John’s Place.

Early Tuesday, the NYPD shared photo and video footage of a man walking on the sidewalk wearing a black sweatshirt featuring a quote and image of the infamous character from the horror movie series “Child’s Play.” This individual appears to be a voyeuristic individual who is up to no good.

According to the authorities, the victim declined any medical assistance.

As of Tuesday, authorities have not yet made any arrests.

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