Niagara Metals scrapyard

Niagara Metals scrapyard experiences a fire breaks out

Niagara County was struck by an unexpected fire outbreak this Tuesday morning, causing a major inconvenience for commuters as a stretch of Route 31 had to be shut down. The fire originated from a scrapyard located in Royalton and quickly spread, resulting in a significant loss of property and assets.

Around 8:30 am, a fire broke out at a Niagara Metals property located between Royalton Center and Bolton roads. As a result, a road closure was put in place between the two routes to ensure the safety of everyone in the area.

Firefighters from Middleport, Gasport, and Terry’s Corners were called and promptly responded.

The exact cause of the fire is yet to be determined, but Middleport police state that it originated from the dismantled vehicles kept at the site. The extent of the damage is unknown at this point, but it seems that only the scrap vehicles were impacted by the fire.

As soon as additional details become accessible, News 4 will keep you informed.

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