NYC laundromat owner shot multiple times, head smashed, video shows

Video shows laundromat owner in NYC being shot multiple times and having their head smashed

The owner of a Brooklyn laundromat was shot dead during a heist last week, leaving him lying on the ground in a pool of blood, according to video.

According to surveillance footage acquired by The Post, Money Perkins, 37, was cleaning the top of a washing machine at Money P Clean in Flatbush at 5:50 p.m. on Dec. 1 when three guys in puffer jackets burst in and drew pistols on him.

As the other two armed thieves stand by, Perkins can be seen lunging at one of the men, wrestling him to the ground and momentarily battling with him.

A fourth attacker then unlocks the door and shoots the laundromat owner, while a gunman standing near Perkins’ head seems to blast the victim.

Money Perkins was cleaning the top of a washing machine when the gunmen entered the business.

It’s unknown who in the aggressive crew opened fire first.

According to the video, Perkins is no longer struggling and is lying in a pool of his own blood while the man he was fighting on the ground pulls at his neck.

The three others flee while the man repeatedly slams Perkins’ skull on the laundromat’s floor, as shown in the stomach-churning video.

According to the video, he then removes Perkins’ chain from his neck before fleeing the gruesome scene.

According to authorities, EMS took Perkins to Kings County Hospital, but he could not be saved.

According to police reports, the perpetrators chose Perkins because of his chain.

It’s unclear how they knew he’d be in the shop at 4710 Clarendon Road at the time.

Wednesday, the suspects were still in the wind.

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