Woman surrenders for throwing hot coffee at man at playground in Brooklyn

A female suspect turns herself in after throwing hot coffee on a man at a playground in Brooklyn

A woman has turned herself in for…

On November 7, a woman named Hadasa Karavanibozak, aged 48, was charged with hate crime assault and reckless endangerment, following an incident at Edmonds Playground located in Fort Greene.

According to reports, Karavabibozak threw a cup of coffee in the face of a man who is of Indian descent and not Palestinian. The victim was with his 18-month-old son at the time of the incident. Karavabibozak accused the man of supporting Hamas before committing the assault.

Karavanibozak mistook Asish Prashar as a Muslim due to the scarf he was wearing and launched an attack on him. Asish Prashar became a victim of this hate crime.

Prashar expressed that the community has rallied together to support her. The news of her situation has spread not only through traditional media but also through social media. She believes that almost everyone in New York is aware of her predicament. Additionally, she expressed gratitude towards the individuals she refers to as “aunties,” who have taken care of her son. These same individuals have designed the posters that can be seen on every street corner.

As Prashar was with his toddler at Edmonds Playground, the posters were plastered all around the place where he was attacked. The suspect, who also resides in the same neighborhood, has no place to conceal herself now.

According to Prashar, the circle surrounding her became increasingly smaller as she was seen shopping at Whole Foods over the weekend. Her whereabouts, including her place of residence, shopping destinations, and workout locations, were evidently well-known among people.

According to reports, she told Prashar that he didn’t belong in the playground and ordered him to leave.

Prashar has Indian roots and received the Kufiya scarf as a present from a Muslim colleague he used to work with.

Investigative reporter Dan Krauth from 7 On Your Side discovered that the city experiences significant delays in the turnover of apartments to new tenants.

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