NYC police arrest 8 suspects for mugging 4 migrants

NYC police arrest 8 suspects for mugging 4 migrants near their shelters over the weekend.

Over the weekend, four migrants were victims of muggings near the city-run shelters they were residing in. According to police and sources, one of the suspects arrested is believed to be a member of a violent Mexican-American street gang.

According to police sources, Masael Aguilar, who is believed to be associated with the Sureño-13 gang, and Steven Cuatlati, 32, were apprehended for reportedly robbing a 31-year-old asylum seeker near the Department of Homeless Services drop-in center located on West 14th Street close to Irving Place. Masael Aguilar, 31, and Steven Cuatlati, 32, were both caught by the authorities.

At approximately 2:40 p.m. on Saturday, the victim, who had been residing in the shelter, was standing outside when the attackers approached him.

According to the police, Aguilar and Cuatlati reportedly snatched the man’s wallet and fled the scene. The authorities were able to apprehend both suspects nearby, and they have since been charged with robbery.

Sources indicate that both individuals had been residing at the shelter, although it is uncertain if they were also migrants.

Aguilar and Cuatlati have a history of criminal activity dating as far back as 2010. Both individuals have extensive rap sheets.

According to sources, Aguilar has been arrested 16 times in the past. Cuatlati, on the other hand, is not a documented gang member and has been arrested six times. Half of those cases are still open, as per the sources.

According to the authorities, on Sunday, a group of six suspects mugged three migrants at Sunken Garden Loop and Hell Gate Circle on Randall’s Island. This was the second incident that took place on the same day.

According to sources, on Sunday around 10:15 am, a group of migrants who were residing at a nearby shelter on 600 East 125th Street attacked and assaulted three individuals. The mob reportedly used a metal chain and a sharp object to harm the victims.

According to sources and police reports, the culprits not only robbed three individuals, consisting of two women aged 39 and 21, and a 22-year-old man, but also took away two cellphones and $100 cash from them.

Both the elderly woman and man were transported to Harlem Hospital for medical attention, and they were reported to be in stable condition.

Authorities have reported that six individuals were apprehended and taken into custody by responding police officers. The suspects in question have been identified as Jose Reyes, aged 24; Eduardo Perez, aged 25; Yisnaldi Perez, also aged 25; Frank Cardozo-Sarmiento, aged 26; Rubio Jose, aged 31, and Gregorio Perezcova, aged 33.

According to the authorities, each of them was accused of robbery and gang assault.

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