Escaped NYC hospital prisoner with 54 arrests

Escaped NYC hospital prisoner with 54 arrests returns 12 hours later.

According to The Post, a suspected thief who had been arrested numerous times before managed to escape from custody after walking out of a Manhattan hospital on Monday morning. However, his run from the law didn’t last long, as he was apprehended 12 hours later when he voluntarily turned up at a police precinct.

According to police sources, Darryl Stevens, who is 36 years old, visited the Midtown North Precinct at around 12:30 p.m. to retrieve some of his personal belongings that were left behind after his recent petit larceny arrest on Saturday.

According to sources and law enforcement officials, Stevens, who has an extensive record of 54 prior arrests, was swiftly taken into custody again.

According to sources and police reports, the alleged thief was first brought to the hospital at 3:15 pm on Saturday. However, around 12:40 am on Monday, he managed to walk out of the hospital and was seen heading towards Ninth Avenue while walking west on West 59th Street.

The circumstances surrounding his ability to slip away without being detected were initially unclear.

According to a spokesperson from the NYPD, the incident is currently being reviewed internally.

Exactly two months after Yenchun Chen, 44, escaped from custody on drug charges by slipping out of a fifth-floor window at Mount Sinai Beth Israel and taking off in a cab, another inmate has managed to escape.

According to reports and officials, Chen’s escape from the skyscraper was nothing short of a superheroic feat. At first, it was said that he used bedsheets that were tied together to rappel down part of the building before descending the rest of the way down with the help of a ladder. The comparison to Spider-Man is apt, given the gravity-defying nature of Chen’s escape.

According to sources, he tried to use the improvised rope but ended up falling and injuring himself severely.

According to sources and authorities, Chen was apprehended on September 12th in Queens, his body still bearing the marks of his daring escape. In fact, he was so badly bruised that he pleaded with US Marshals to bring him back to a doctor. As a result of his capture, he now faces charges for his escape.

At this point, it remains uncertain whether Stevens will be charged with any additional offenses, in addition to the petit larceny charge that resulted in his initial arrest.

According to official records, the individual in question was apprehended on September 21st on charges of criminal mischief, petit larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, and harassment.

According to police sources, he has a history of being arrested. One of these arrests was due to assaulting a police officer, while the other six were related to charges involving firearms.

According to the sources, he has been charged with resisting arrest five times.

Sources say that he has a past record of being an “emotionally disturbed person” six times in the past.

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