Gas station security guard shoots

Gas station security guard kills NE Houston gunman

According to authorities, a man was fatally shot by a security guard at a gas station located in northeast Houston on Sunday.

Shortly before 12:30 a.m., a shooting occurred at the Valero gas station on the I-69 Eastex Freeway near Greens Road.

According to the Houston police, a security guard noticed a man sitting in a car parked at a gas station. The man had been there for quite some time, prompting the security guard to approach him and inquire about his intended length of stay.

According to the investigation report, a female individual arrived at the scene and joined the man. As the situation escalated, they started behaving aggressively towards the security guard.

According to Lt. Ignacio Izaguirre, the security guard decided to take action to avoid any potential escalation of the situation. He pulled out his handgun and placed it to the side while instructing the individuals involved to back up and leave the premises.

Upon arriving at the scene, it was determined that the man had passed away. The authorities at the time made the pronouncement of his death.

According to authorities, both the security guard and the woman involved in the incident are currently undergoing questioning to determine the sequence of events. Additionally, investigators are scouring the surrounding area for any surveillance footage that could shed light on the situation.

The possibility of filing charges remained uncertain.

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