Driver dies after being chased by gunmen

Driver dies after being pursued by gunmen and crashing in the southwest Houston, says HPD

The authorities in Houston are currently on the lookout for two suspects who fled the area of a fatal collision in the southwest part of the city. Reports suggest that gunshots were fired during the incident, adding to the severity of the situation.

The Houston Police Department reported that a crash occurred around 1 p.m. in the vicinity of Blue Ridge at W. Fuqua on Monday.

According to Lt. Bryan Bui, the individuals involved in the pursuit were operating a white Jetta and pursuing a grey Mercedes in the vicinity of 16500 Blue Ridge.

According to investigators, the perpetrator used a rifle and pistol to discharge at least ten rounds before crashing into a tree. Bui clarified that law enforcement does not suspect that the operator of the Mercedes retaliated with gunfire.

As the events unfolded, SkyEye was present above the scene. The police were visible, establishing a perimeter near the wreckage. The two suspects had fled towards the north of Blue Ridge and entered a nearby neighbourhood.

Despite the efforts of law enforcement officials, including the deployment of a helicopter and K-9 officers, the suspects managed to evade capture and were not located.

It’s unclear how the shooting incident transpired, but according to an officer who spoke with ABC13, the caller reported hearing gunshots before witnessing the collision between the two vehicles. The police department has yet to release further details regarding the incident.

According to Eyewitness News, HPD reported that one individual was transported to the hospital. However, an update from Bui revealed that the driver of the Mercedes unfortunately passed away.

According to Bui, the police are currently investigating to determine if a third vehicle was involved in the incident. Additionally, they are also looking into whether the driver of the Mercedes was acquainted with the suspects.

The exact cause of the driver’s death remains ambiguous, whether it was due to the shooting incident or the impact of the subsequent crash.

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