Fundraising event organized for Long Island families

Fundraising event organized for Long Island families impacted by a fatal bus accident.

The Farmingdale community on Long Island came together to support the high school marching band members who were injured in a bus crash in Orange County in September. The impact took the lives of two adults and left several students critically injured. A fundraiser was held on Wednesday to show support and raise funds for the affected families. The community is still mourning the loss of those who died in the tragic incident.

According to Jed Herman, the President of Farmingdale High School, this has been a difficult time, but it has also brought out the best in people. Individuals from all corners of the country have come forward to offer their support. He expressed optimism that the students affected by the tragedy could cope because they have each other.

On Wednesday, he appeared at a fundraising event for families in Farmingdale. The event was held at Mulcahy’s in Wantagh, and he showed his support by attending.

John Theissen, from the John Theissen Children’s Foundation, expressed his gratitude towards the Islanders, the Giants, and the Yankees for helping the families in Farmingdale. Along with them, the police unions, the commissioner, and the Nassau County Executive also joined in and made a collective effort to assist these families. It was a heartwarming display of teamwork and support from everyone involved.

During a recent event, Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder expressed how much the community, including the children, has been through. They came together to raise funds for the marching band to make things right. The money will be distributed to needy families as the band sees fit. It’s heartwarming to see a community unite and support one another during challenging times.

Many individuals showed their support for the school’s marching band by wearing green t-shirts that read “Dalers” and “Daler Strong”.

Kyla Koch, who used to be a part of the marching band, expressed that giving back to the community during a crisis is genuinely heartwarming. She acknowledged how everyone can unite and make a difference in times of need.

Denise Marzano-Doty, a resident of Farmingdale, expressed her deep sorrow at the loss to the community. She described it as a terrible loss, indicating the magnitude of the impact it would have.

The road to recovery for students can be a challenging and lengthy journey, both physically and emotionally.

According to Herman, there will be various needs for children and families in the future, some of which may not be known yet. He believes that the allocated funds will be beneficial in addressing these needs.

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