State Aid Denied to Michigan City which hit by Tornado

State Aid Denied to Michigan City which hit by Tornado

Unfortunately, the Perry community in Michigan has been denied financial assistance from the state government.

In the previous month, Perry had to face the aftermath of an EF-1 tornado that significantly impacted the area.

Michigan city denied help from State after TORNADO HITS

Insurance will only cover a portion of the damages, which amounted to around $205,000.

It was announced by state officials this week that emergency funding will not be granted to Perry.

Upon hearing this verdict, the mayor of Perry was taken aback and disappointed.

As per his observation, the urban center lacks the necessary means to handle such a setback, especially when it comes to removing the debris.

The conditions for being eligible to receive financial assistance for disaster relief are currently under close scrutiny.

The reason behind the denial of Perry’s request for financial help is still unclear.

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