T.J. Maxx & Marshalls to Close Stores in New York

T.J. Maxx & Marshalls to Close Stores in New York

Two prominent retail brands have announced the closure of their stores in New York.

As the year draws to a close, it seems that the trend of store closures is continuing with two more companies announcing their plans to shut down a few stores in New York. This news may not be shocking given the recent closure of stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond and the Christmas Tree Shops. However, it is still a sad reality for those who rely on these stores for their shopping needs. Despite this setback, we can only hope that these companies will bounce back stronger in the future.

Rumored Store Closings

According to a recent report by Bisnow, it has been rumored that two popular shopping destinations in New York are planning to close a few locations by early 2024. This news has left many fans feeling disappointed. The report suggests that the stores have filed papers with the New York Department of Labor, indicating that they plan to shut down a couple of their big-box stores.

T.J. Maxx and Marshalls to Close Stores in New York

According to recent reports, TJX Cos., the well-known discount retail corporation that operates T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, has submitted a filing to the New York Department of Labor disclosing its intention to shut down two of its stores in the city. The stores in question are the T.J. Maxx location situated at 503 Fulton St. in Brooklyn, New York, and the Marshalls store located at 610 Exterior St. in the Bronx, NY.

Rewritten Heading: “What Is the Closure Date for Marshalls?”

According to official documents, it has been announced that both stores will be shutting down by January 6th, 2024, which coincides with the end of the holiday shopping season. The reasons behind the closures have not been disclosed by the company, but experts believe it is a part of their new strategy. Nevertheless, with 86 other stores located in New York, fans of the brand will still have plenty of options to shop from. The Hudson Valley region, in particular, boasts multiple locations including Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, and Kingston, offering convenience to its customers.

Rewritten Heading: T.J. Maxx

Despite the closure of the T.J. Maxx store in the Bronx, New York, fans of the popular retailer need not worry as there are still over 15 stores in the state that will remain open. For those residing in the Hudson Valley area, T.J. Maxx has multiple locations in Poughkeepsie, Monroe, and Middletown, New York, ensuring that shoppers can still enjoy the store’s wide selection of products.

There has been no indication from TJX Cos. as to whether this new strategy will impact any other T.J. Maxx or Marshalls stores. However, we will keep you informed if any updates arise regarding this matter.


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