Mahwah Resident Loses Job Following Viral Rant

Mahwah Resident Loses Job Following Viral Rant Against Tourists on Train

According to reports, Brianna Pinnix, a talent acquisition specialist at Capital Rx from Mahwah, was caught on video screaming at tourists while her boyfriend tried to restrain her. The incident occurred on a train bound for New York City. Initially posted on Reddit, the video shows Pinnix engaged in a xenophobic rant aimed at German tourists.

According to The Messenger, the incident occurred on a New Jersey Transit train after the New York Jets versus Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday, October 1st.

The man accompanying her implored, “Bri, please don’t do this.” His plea was brushed aside as she seemed determined to proceed with her plan. “If you go through with this, we may never speak again,” he warned, hoping to change her mind.

Pinnix confidently stated that she could handle the situation alone before proceeding to confront a tourist and hurl expletives about immigrants towards them.

Capital Rx has a strict policy that prohibits prejudiced or discriminatory behaviour, as stated by the company.

Capital RX confirmed they took swift action by terminating the employee after carefully reviewing the circumstances.

According to the official statement from NJ Transit:

NJ TRANSIT vehemently denounces any form of inappropriate behaviour on our transit system. We take our customers’ safety and well-being very seriously, and we believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. In keeping with this belief, we launched our Ride Kind campaign in June, which aims to remind and encourage all customers to treat each other and our employees with compassion and consideration.

“To promote exemplary transit behaviour, we have launched a campaign featuring posters and signs on buses and trains, inside stations and on social media. WeWe aim to encourage employees and customers to emulate the best practices while commuting.”

After the incident, Pinnix decided to deactivate her accounts on both LinkedIn and Facebook. At this point, it is unclear what precisely the tourists said triggered her reaction.

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