Family Names Suspected Killer of Transwoman in Miami, Police Yet to Confirm

Police have yet to confirm the family names of the alleged Miami transwoman killer

A family in Northwest Miami claims to know the identity of the person who fatally shot a local transwoman, London Price, in a startling revelation. Police have not yet named a suspect or made an arrest despite their accusations.

Family is naming the person they believe killed transwoman, but police haven't released any info...

A transwoman named London Price was fatally wounded in Northwest Miami-Dade County. Surveillance footage reveals a person fleeing the crime site while holding a firearm. Nedra Allen, aunt of the victim, wants to know where her niece’s ex-boyfriend is and hopes he can provide information.

Police in Miami-Dade County have not confirmed the identity of the victim or made any arrests in this case. The family is pursuing justice for London Price’s death.

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