Florida 13-Year-Old Honors Student Accused of Murdering Mom While She Slept Next to Newborn Will Be Tried as Adult

13-year-old Florida honor student who reportedly killed her mother while sleeping next to her newborn will be tried as an adult

Derek Rosa allegedly stabbed his mom, 39-year-old Irina Garcia, to death while she lay next to his baby sister. Authorities have revealed that the 13-year-old Florida honors student, who stands accused of killing his mother as she slept next to his newborn sister, will be tried as an adult.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office informed The Messenger that on Friday, Derek Rosa was indicted by a grand jury on a first-degree murder charge, which automatically moves his case to Florida’s adult felony court system.

Earlier this month, Rosa was charged with murder in connection to the alleged fatal stabbing of his mother, Irina Garcia, who was 39 years old at the time. The incident occurred at their apartment in Hialeah, Florida. From the released call, it seems that the young boy confessed to committing the stabbing once it had happened.

According to WSVN-TV, Rosa reportedly informed emergency dispatch with the heartbreaking news, “Miss, she’s no more. The floor is covered in blood.” According to reports, Rosa was quoted as saying, “I took pictures and shared the experience with my friends. Is that wrong?”

During the conversation, the teenager expressed their emotional state to the call-taker by saying, “I’m not in danger, but I’m feeling very sad.”

In response, Dispatch reassured, “I understand that none of what happened was intentional. Please do not open the door until I instruct you to do so. Also, ensure that you only have your cellphone in hand.”

“Are they going to kill me, miss?” Rosa inquired.

“Don’t worry, we’re not going to harm you. We’re here to assist you, alright? Our priority is to offer support to you and your family,” the dispatcher comforted the teenager, who reportedly confessed his intentions to harm himself.”

Upon the arrival of the police, Rosa was apprehended without any resistance. According to authorities, he explained that his step-father, who worked as a truck driver, was not home at the time.

Kristen Reynoso, his defense attorney, has not yet responded to The Messenger’s request for comment. Rosa could potentially be sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty, as opposed to facing the death penalty.

The upcoming court date for Rosa is set for October 31st.

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