Woman accused of stealing identities and taking money from accounts throughout Northwest Ohio

In Oregon, Ohio, a surprising case unfolded involving an individual who appeared to be just another customer. However, it turns out that this person is actually an identity thief, according to the local police.

A woman is facing accusations of targeting banks throughout Northwest Ohio, where she allegedly utilized personal information to carry out acts of theft from various accounts.

In November 2023, the Oregon Police reported that a woman entered the Sun Federal Credit Union on Pickle Rd. and pretended to be an account holder. On the same day, she also targeted a bank on N. Reynolds Rd. in Toledo. According to the authorities, the suspect utilized a counterfeit passport to withdraw funds from another person’s account during these incidents.

Last week, a woman was caught on security cameras inside the Premiere Bank on Navarre Ave, according to Oregon Police. She was seen withdrawing money from the account of a legitimate customer by exploiting their personal information. This incident marked the second time that day the woman targeted a Premiere Bank branch, and authorities suspect there may be additional instances.

Detective Sergeant Ed Depinet from the Oregon Police Department revealed that he has recently received information about the suspect’s fraudulent activities spreading across Northwest Ohio. He shared that he was contacted by the Clyde Police, who shared photos from a bank where the suspect had used a counterfeit passport back in November. This indicates that the suspect has been engaging in similar illegal activities in multiple locations within the region.

The Clyde Police department recently shared some photos of a woman who seems to be involved in a series of bank robberies. It is believed that she has targeted a total of 5 banks using the same scam.

According to investigators, there is a possibility that she is not acting alone in her endeavors. People have observed her entering the passenger’s side of a black Honda Civic. If you happen to come across her or possess any relevant information, please reach out to the authorities.

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