Teen Worker Injured in Smash and Grab Robbery on 7th Avenue

Teenage Employee Injured During Smash and Grab Robbery Incident on 7th Avenue

Authorities are currently investigating a recent robbery that took place at 152 7th Avenue South. According to reports, three men forcefully entered the location and made off with a number of products. The identities of the suspects are currently unknown and the investigation is ongoing.

At approximately 10:45 AM on Thursday, a young female employee, aged 18, sustained minor injuries as she attempted to secure the front door of the establishment against a group of assailants. The suspects forcibly entered the establishment, causing harm to the victim’s arms. After breaking in, the trio proceeded to steal several items from behind the counter before fleeing on foot.

According to the report, the initial suspect is a male individual with a medium build and dark complexion. He was last spotted dressed in a black du-rag, hoodie, sweatpants, sneakers, and carrying a black backpack.

The other individual, who had a medium build and a dark complexion like the first, was dressed in a black hoodie, gray sweatpants, and gray sneakers. He also had headphones around his neck.

According to the report, the third individual, who was of a smaller stature and had a dark complexion, was clad in a black hoodie, gray jeans, and white sneakers during the time of the incident.

Officials are currently on the lookout for any details that can help identify the people responsible for the incident.

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