Federal prosecutors want life in prison for subway gunman Frank James

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn have stated that Frank James, the perpetrator of the April 2022 rush-hour attack on a Manhattan-bound subway train where he set off smoke bombs, fired a barrage and injured ten people, should receive a life sentence when he is sentenced later this month.

The proposed sentence exceeds the permissible limit according to the federal sentencing guidelines.

According to the prosecutors, the defendant should receive the most brutal punishment due to the extensive and deliberate planning of the mass shooting and the significant harm caused to the victims and the community. This was outlined in the sentencing memorandum.

Frank James finds himself in a precarious position, facing potential decades in prison without a plea agreement. NJ Burkett provides insight into the story.

James is set to receive his sentencing on September 28th, where he has requested a maximum of 18 years of imprisonment.

According to the defence attorney Mia Eisner-Grynberg, Mr James is not evil. Instead, he is a victim of an untreated and severe mental illness. In her sentencing memo, she emphasized the importance of acknowledging his condition and providing him with the necessary medical attention.

According to prosecutors, the train was in between stations during the shooting incident and came to a temporary halt. This left the victims vulnerable and with no escape route. The defendant’s gun was the only reason for the shooting to come to an end, as it eventually jammed. The defendant stopped shooting despite having two more fully loaded extended magazines, which could have fired 36 bullets.

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