Authorities: 11 people arrested in fentanyl drug bust in East Concourse

Authorities have arrested 11 individuals in an East Concourse fentanyl drug bust

After a successful fentanyl bust in the East Concourse, authorities have apprehended 11 individuals. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, the operation resulted in the discovery of hundreds of thousands of lethal fentanyl doses.

After a thorough investigation conducted by the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force, Apartment 2B located at 1244 Grand Concourse was found to be operating as a drug packaging mill. As a result, it was raided by the authorities. The investigation lasted for several months, and the authorities were able to gather enough evidence to take action against the illegal operation.

As seen in the video released by the DEA, the dining room table in the apartment is covered with loose powder drugs, while the living room is filled with hundreds of thousands of glassines that contain fentanyl, spread all over the place.

According to agents, they were able to recover all the essential equipment required for packaging heroin and fentanyl from the apartment. The drugs confiscated during the operation were valued at approximately $4 million.

On November 1st, law enforcement officials conducted a raid on the apartment. During the operation, a few of the suspects made an attempt to hide on the roof of the building.

In Manhattan, eleven individuals who are believed to have been involved in this operation were apprehended by agents and appeared before a judge today. These individuals are facing several charges, including criminal possession of a controlled substance, among others.

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