Passenger’s Carry-On Bag Explodes on Jetblue Flight at JFK

Passenger’s Carry-On Bag Explodes During Jetblue Flight at JFK – Watch the Video

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During the initial week of November, JetBlue travelers departing from JFK Airport underwent a harrowing incident, resulting in an emergency evacuation of the aircraft just before take-off. The airline crew was in the process of completing their final preparations for their flight to South Florida when a carry-on belonging to a passenger exploded, transforming into a blazing fireball underneath one of the seats, causing widespread panic and chaos among the passengers.

As the passengers were swiftly evacuated from the plane and the flight crews battled the fire, the scene was one of utter chaos. However, it was a relief to discover that the cause of the explosion was determined soon after.


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As the flight was preparing for takeoff, the backpack belonging to one of the passengers suddenly exploded. The incident prompted the flight attendants to act quickly, evacuating the plane and extinguishing the burning luggage using bottles of water. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the cause of the explosion was a portable phone charger that used a lithium-ion battery. Fortunately, the bag owner suffered only minor burns, as reported by @cbseveningnews.

It’s an intriguing coincidence that the bag that caused a flight delay belonged to none other than Jimmy Levy, a former contestant on the popular TV show, American Idol. Jimmy was on a JetBlue flight from JFK Airport, headed back home to South Florida, when an incident involving his luggage caused the flight to be grounded. According to reports, Jimmy’s bag caught fire, leading to the delay.

During his flight back home to South Florida from New York, Levy experienced a disturbing incident. He had just fallen asleep before takeoff when he was abruptly awakened by an intense wave of heat that seemed to be directed towards his face. Levy shared with his followers on Instagram that he was shocked to discover his backpack, which had been tucked under his seat, was now on fire and floating in the air. He also posted the video of the plane evacuation that occurred after the incident.

As soon as I noticed the fire, I immediately sprang into action and pushed it to the ground. My heart was racing as I frantically stomped on it, making sure the flames did not spread any further. The flight staff quickly joined in and together, we were able to contain the fire with the help of water. Despite our efforts, the seriousness of the situation required everyone to evacuate the plane so that a thorough investigation could be conducted.

It’s a huge relief to know that Levy was not seriously injured, and thankfully, no one else was harmed during the incident. The flight crew’s quick response was commendable, as lithium batteries can be quite dangerous. We cannot stress enough the importance of being cautious when handling these batteries. As we can see, even the smallest mistake can lead to a potentially disastrous situation.

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