4 suspects arrested in string of Garden Grove burglaries

Garden Grove police have recently made arrests in connection with a string of residential burglaries. Four individuals, three women and one man, were taken into custody for their alleged involvement in the crimes.

On Wednesday, a residential burglary was reported in the 13000 block of Greentree Avenue. The homeowner had captured footage of two suspects attempting to break in, leading the Garden Grove police officers to respond to the scene. Upon arrival at the location, the authorities noticed a silver SUV exiting the vicinity, which aroused suspicion.

Upon conducting a traffic stop, the police concluded that the individuals inside the car, specifically Catalina Ciucur (aged 41), Ino Florea (aged 57), Claudia Margel (aged 49), and Nicolae Elena (aged 45), bore a striking resemblance to the suspects caught on the homeowner’s security footage.

According to the police, there is a possibility that the four suspects are linked to a series of burglaries not only in Garden Grove but also in nearby cities. The authorities have taken all four suspects into custody and have placed them in the Orange County Jail. They are awaiting the possibility of facing charges related to various residential burglaries.

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