Two suspects arrested and 800 fentanyl pills seized

Two suspects arrested and 800 fentanyl pills seized following carjacking at Taco Bell

The Oklahoma City Police Department recently confirmed that two individuals were arrested following a heated altercation at a Taco Bell establishment.

As per the police report, the victim recounted that two men approached him and inquired about pills. However, things took a drastic turn when they suddenly brandished a firearm and coerced him into the rear seat in a carjacking incident.

According to officials, the suspects initially drove away, but eventually stopped and allowed the victim to exit the vehicle. The victim then returned to Taco Bell and promptly contacted law enforcement.

According to the police, the culprits were apprehended shortly after the incident. One of the suspects was found carrying a firearm and over 800 pills suspected to be fentanyl.

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