Feds Man hauled more than 30 pounds of fentanyl through NYC subway

Man transported over 30 pounds of fentanyl on the NYC subway, according to federal authorities.

A new drug mill has been discovered in the Bronx, specifically dealing with fentanyl, according to investigators. This is not the first instance of such a discovery in the area.

Just a short distance away from the day care center where a tragic incident resulted in the death of a 1-year-old boy due to exposure to fentanyl, is another location that was discovered. This new location is less than a mile away from the fateful day care center. The incident was a devastating reminder of the dangers that come with exposure to certain substances.

According to authorities, Juan Gabriel Herrera Vargas was found carrying a suitcase filled with fentanyl while traveling on the subway on Tuesday. He disembarked at Kingsbridge Road and was en route to an apartment when law enforcement officials intervened and apprehended him.

According to the DEA, law enforcement officials confiscated over 40 pounds of fentanyl, with a significant portion found in a suitcase that Herrera Vargas abandoned while attempting to flee from investigators.

As the night progressed, the DEA agents observed him exiting an apartment located at Kingsbridge Road and Heath Avenue, carrying another suitcase with him.

After detaining Herrera Vargas, authorities discovered an additional amount of drugs in the bag.

Brenda Wooton expressed her fear by saying, “It’s scary.”

Every week, Wooton visits a building to look after an elderly friend.

As one resident put it, “There are children and elderly individuals within this building, including myself. It’s concerning to share an elevator with strangers, and I can’t be sure who these people are or what their intentions may be.” Safety is a top priority, and the potential risks of interacting with unknown individuals in a confined space like an elevator cannot be ignored.

Upon arriving at the apartment on Thursday, there was no answer at the door. As per the DEA’s statement, upon conducting a search of the premises on Tuesday night, they discovered additional amounts of fentanyl and packaging materials. It is noteworthy that this discovery was made only a few blocks away from the day care where four children were recently exposed to fentanyl.

The prevalence of an opioid that the DEA claims to be 50 times more potent than heroin is a poignant reminder that leaves one heartbroken.

Herrera Vargas is facing multiple charges brought by the New York City Special Narcotics prosecutor. These charges include operating as a major trafficker, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and criminally using drug paraphernalia.

According to reports, the drugs found were worth around $1.5 million if sold on the street.

According to DEA Special Agent in Charge Frank Tarentino, the tragic death of a young child due to poisoning did not result in the closure of a nearby drug mill, which continued to operate just six blocks away from the daycare. Herrera Vargas, the perpetrator, went even further by transporting more than 40 pounds of fentanyl around the city and on the subway, showing complete disregard for public safety. Such actions are deeply concerning and highlight the urgent need for stricter enforcement measures to protect our communities from the devastating consequences of drug trafficking.

According to Bridget Brennan, the Special Narcotics Prosecutor, the accused has been charged with the transportation of nearly 30 pounds of fentanyl in a rolling suitcase. This was done through a subway station and on the sidewalks of a bustling Bronx neighborhood.

The Bronx has once again been hit by a significant influx of fentanyl, which has been plaguing the community for years. The distribution of this deadly drug has caused numerous deaths, and the loss of one-year-old Nicholas Dominici is a tragic reminder of the urgent need to rid our city of drug traffickers. As Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark emphasized, we must remain relentless in our efforts to eliminate this scourge from our society.

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