Charlotte Sena, Previously Kidnapped, Has Been Safely Located

Charlotte Sena, Previously Kidnapped, Has Been Safely Located

After a distressing two-day search, state police investigators found Charlotte Sena, the 9-year-old girl kidnapped from Moreau State Park in upstate New York, near Saratoga Springs. Despite the harrowing ordeal, Charlotte was found safe and unharmed. Moreau Park is situated in a rural area with limited access, and the young girl disappeared while riding her bike around the campground on a Saturday evening.

After her bike was discovered, an exhaustive search of the surrounding area was conducted, but unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found. In response to the alarming situation, the State Police promptly issued an amber alert to caution the public of the potential danger. The search effort was then intensified and extended to include multiple nearby counties to locate her as soon as possible.

According to recent news, the parents of a missing girl received a ransom note and later found their daughter. The culprit, Craig Nelson Ross, was identified through fingerprints on the note and cell phone pings. He was a 47-year-old local resident. The Governor’s office also revealed that additional information was obtained through park records, which contain details about visitors who paid an entrance fee or registered for overnight camping.

On Tuesday morning, Ross was arraigned and is currently detained without bail.

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