Three men robbed a 45-year-old man at gunpoint near Times Square and fled in a Jeep.

According to authorities, a man was reportedly robbed at gunpoint near Times Square by three thieves who escaped in a Jeep. This incident was reported on Thursday by the police.

Freshly released photos by the NYPD reveal the trio of suspects, consisting of two men and a woman, who are being sought after for the mugging that occurred on September 18 in the vicinity of West 44th Street and Sixth Avenue.

According to the police, at 2:20 a.m., two men approached a man standing on the sidewalk and brandished a gun at him. The victim, who was 45 years old, was reportedly caught off guard by the sudden attack.

According to police reports, the perpetrators intimidated the victim and forcibly took away his iPhone and valuable jewellery amounting to $1,500.

After a short while, a woman suspect arrived in a recently manufactured Jeep Compass. The two other men hopped in, and the trio quickly drove off towards the west on West 44th Street.

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