Orange County woman flees traffic stop

Woman in Orange County flees traffic stop, hits pond; gets 50 tickets

According to state police, a woman in Orange County was rescued from a pond after reportedly running away from troopers.

On Friday night, an incident occurred in the Town of Newburgh where State police attempted to stop a 2014 Cadillac on Route 9W for breaking several vehicle and traffic laws.

As the chase began, the driver quickly accelerated and sped through the streets of Newburgh and Marlborough, with troopers in hot pursuit.

After an intense chase, the vehicle finally came to a stop as it plunged into a pond located on Marchese Drive.

After the trooper noticed a vehicle in distress and sinking into the water, he quickly took action and managed to get to the driver in time. He could pull the driver out of the water and to safety with great effort. Although the driver, Melissa Branagan, refused to receive medical attention, she now faces several charges, including driving while under the influence.

In addition to that, she had received 50 tickets.

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