GA men charged in AL, accused of bilking elderly.

GA men charged in AL for elder fraud.

According to reports, two individuals hailing from North Georgia have recently been apprehended in Alabama. They allegedly plotted to defraud an elderly person out of a significant amount of money.

According to reports, Auburn police were alerted to a potential scam on Tuesday. Upon investigation, it was discovered that two men had repeatedly taken money from the victim. The authorities confirmed the victim’s account after contacting them.

During the investigation, officers discovered that the suspects planned to return to Auburn to extort more money from the victim. As a result, they were apprehended by law enforcement near the intersection of East Thach Avenue and North Dean Road.

As the authorities apprehended one of the individuals, the other attempted to flee the scene by driving away to evade the law enforcement officers. According to investigators, the suspect collided with three other vehicles during the pursuit, but eventually, they stopped him.

Fortunately, there were no casualties in the accidents.

Anshul Kumar, aged 19, and Dhrumilkumar Vyas, aged 23, both hailing from Ringgold, have been identified as the suspects. They are facing seven charges of financial exploitation of the elderly first-degree, one charge of attempted financial exploitation of the elderly first-degree and criminal impersonation. Vyas has also been charged with attempting to elude and reckless endangerment.

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