‘Hotbed of Gerrymandering’: Details on an Ex-GOP House Member How Democratic Activists Just Broke Republicans’ Two-to-One Majority in a Swing State

Chris Hayes of MSNBC commended the progressive individuals who successfully addressed and resolved the gerrymandering issue in Wisconsin, which had allowed Republicans to maintain a stronghold on power for an extended period.

The state’s supreme court has issued an order to redraw legislative maps on Friday, potentially undoing a significant Republican gerrymander in the state.

According to Hayes, the battle over gerrymandering in Wisconsin has been highly contentious. He describes it as one of the most aggressive instances of state gerrymandering in the entire country. The Republicans in Wisconsin have strategically drawn up a legislative map that virtually guarantees them a 2-1 simple majority in both houses of the state legislature, even if a Democrat like Tony Evers wins statewide. After a lengthy battle, the court has now overturned these maps, thanks to a change in the court’s personnel.

“Yeah, and the last point is probably the most important one,” stated former GOP Representative David Jolly (R-FL), emphasizing the hard work put in by Progressive and Democratic activists. Let’s delve into the substance.”

Wisconsin has been a hotbed of gerrymandering and gerrymandering jurisprudence going all the way to the Supreme Court recently, and the question the high court wrestled with is, we know that gerrymandering on race and gender is unconstitutional, but can you gerrymander on partisan and political grounds? It’s called the efficiency gap that you point out in Wisconsin. It’s relatively a 50-50 state, elected a democratic governor, but Republicans have so gerrymandered the state legislature it’s a 2-1 majority. What happened earlier this year, Progressive and Democratic activists worked very, very hard, Chris. You know this well. The reward was, they elected a supreme court justice that tilted the scale towards the Democratic-elected judges. And they just ruled that, no, you can’t do 2-1 majority for Republicans in a 50-50 state. It won’t affect Congress or the presidency but all of a sudden we have a very right gerrymandering question. And in Wisconsin, all lines for state legislature districts have to be redrawn.

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