Single mother locked out of Texas City apartment

“I have nothing,” Single mother locked out of Texas City apartment and had valuables stolen

ABC13 reported that a Texas City single mother lost several vital possessions, including documents, clothing, and even her loved one’s ashes. This unfortunate incident happened last week when two men who allegedly worked in the building locked her out of her apartment. The victim shared her heartbreaking story, emphasizing the sentimental value of the lost items. This is a reminder of how a single act of negligence or malice can significantly impact someone’s life.

She stated, “I am wearing socks that do not match. We have nothing else.”

The unit was stripped bare, save for the telltale signs of cigarette burns and drug use.

She explained that she doesn’t smoke and referred to cannabis as “blunt buds.”

The woman has lost some precious possessions, which include jewellery passed down from her late mother and cousin, along with the ashes of her boyfriend, who passed away just a few months ago. It is heartbreaking to lose such sentimental items with significant value and memories.

As tears streamed down her face, she pleaded, “Is there any way to replace it? It’s gone forever.”

Due to the unavailability of her family’s social security cards, birth certificates, and housing vouchers, the lady requested ABC13 not to reveal their identities.

She sincerely expressed her concern for her safety, “I don’t feel safe. I don’t.”

The woman mentioned that everything vanished into thin air when she returned home to find her apartment locked on Thursday.

Upon contacting the apartment management, they suggested it might be due to pest control. After some time, two men dressed in maintenance attire arrived at the scene.

As I spoke with them, one person informed me that it was an eviction, while the other clarified that it was not. My unit had been marked as a move-out, not an exile.

A Texas City Housing Authority representative, who assists the woman with her rent, confirmed that she is currently in “good standing” with them. As far as they know, there is no basis for eviction. With a loud cry, she exclaimed, “I put in a lot of effort.”

In an interview with ABC13, the woman expressed her frustration with the apartment manager’s lack of transparency and accountability. Despite her pressing for answers, she felt that they were being evasive in their responses. According to her, the management claimed the incident was merely a mistake, which did not satisfy her concerns.

ABC13 made several attempts to contact the manager of the complexes through phone, email, and in-person visits over two days. Finally, on Monday afternoon, the manager arrived at the office but drove away from ABC13’s crew. She entered the building through a back door and locked them out of the leasing office.

The mainline of the office was contacted once more by ABC13. During the conversation, a female employee mentioned that she was a temporary worker who had just started working there that day and did not have any information to share. When asked if another employee had left or been terminated, she declined to provide any further details.

Regrettably, we cannot grant access as we are addressing an issue,” explained the woman.

During an interview with ABC13, one of the maintenance employees involved in the incident declined to comment and walked away.

According to a detective from the Texas City Police Department, they are currently investigating the incident. Meanwhile, the mother has already sought legal representation as she deals with the situation.

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