NYC man charged with hate crime in beatdown of turban-wearing bus rider cops

NYC Man accused of hate crime for assaulting bus rider wearing turban

According to the authorities, a man who was filled with hate has been arrested for assaulting a young man on an MTA bus in Queens. The victim was wearing a turban and a face mask at the time of the attack.

Police have charged 26-year-old Christopher Philippeaux with assault as a hate crime in connection to a Sunday morning attack. The NYPD cops from Public Service Area 5, which covers the NYCHA development in East Harlem where he resides, recognized and arrested him on Thursday night.

Authorities have reported that a terrifying assault occurred in the Little Guyana neighborhood at approximately 9 a.m. on an MTA shuttle bus near the intersection of 118th Street and Liberty Avenue.

According to police, the victim experienced slight discomfort and sustained a small cut. However, he declined any medical assistance at the location.

On Monday, the police department of New York released surveillance photos of the culprit who was spotted wearing a yellow winter coat. These images proved to be crucial in helping the arresting officers identify the suspect, as stated by the police.

According to official sources, the Hate Crimes Task Force of the department is currently carrying out an investigation.

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