Maine federal prison inmate charged with committing a murder at an East Harlem liquor store, caught on camera.

According to law enforcement officials, a prisoner serving a sentence in a federal prison in Maine for a gun-related crime has been accused of murder for a shooting incident that was captured on camera at an East Harlem liquor store last year. The police department in New York City reported this development on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Camby Wilson was extradited to New York City, where he was charged with murder and gun possession in connection with the death of Shaquell Gainey. Gainey, 25, was tragically killed on the night of February 25, 2022, outside of an East Harlem deli.

According to federal officials, 24-year-old Wilson was found guilty of federal firearm charges in Bangor, Maine, and was given a 24-month prison sentence in May.

According to reports, Gainey had recently exited I.C. Liquors Inc. located on First Ave. near E. 115th St. when he was targeted by a man wearing all black who proceeded to pull out a firearm and shoot at him. This incident was previously documented by the police.

The armed assailant chased Gainey into the store, but soon came running back out, leaving Gainey safe inside.

According to the video footage, Gainey exited the store only a minute and a half after the incident, with his yellow hoodie now stained with blood, revealing where he had been shot. He carelessly dropped his jacket onto the floor before heading into the adjacent deli, where he ultimately collapsed near the glass entrance.

During the following minute and a half, Gainey took a few sips from a jug of water he stumbled upon. Although a kind customer brought back his jacket, nobody attempted to offer any assistance.

As captured on video footage, a man who was carrying a small child is observed stepping over Gainey, who was lying on the ground. Despite the prompt arrival of medics, Gainey could not be saved and was rushed to Harlem Hospital.

As he was about to reach his home at the Jefferson Houses, Gainey was shot merely a block away.

As per reports, Gainey was spotted by the gunman who was accompanied by three other men. The shooter initially walked past Gainey but then returned and opened fire.

On Wednesday, authorities revealed that there is a gang-related aspect to the shooting, but have not disclosed any additional information at this time.

According to records, Wilson was released on parole in April 2021 after spending over a year in state prison for a weapon conviction in Manhattan.

Shortly after the reported shooting of Gainey, Wilson was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped by police in Augusta, Maine.

As the police officers asked Wilson to step out of the car, he provided them with a fake name. When questioned about whether or not he had any weapons, he made a run for it. However, the officers were able to catch him after a short pursuit on foot.

As per federal officials, law enforcement officers discovered a loaded .380 caliber handgun in his jacket pocket. The fact that he had been previously convicted of weapon possession in New York meant that he was prohibited from carrying a firearm.

According to federal officials, Wilson was discovered by NYPD detectives at a federal prison in Maine, where he had been incarcerated for two years following his arrest for firearms possession in Bangor.

According to the authorities, Gainey had been previously arrested multiple times, with charges ranging from robbery to possession of weapons.

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