Columbia Professors Sign Letter Defending Students Who Called Hamas Attack on Israel Justified

Columbia Professors Sign Letter in Defense of Students Who Justified Hamas Attack on Israel

A group of professors from Columbia University has recently expressed their concern over the “public shaming” of students who showed support for Palestinian resistance amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. The professors are standing in solidarity with these students who released a statement expressing their support for the cause. They believe that the students should not be subjected to public humiliation for their political views and opinions. The professors have come forward to support these students and to protect their right to express their thoughts and beliefs freely.

A letter signed by more than 75 professors has been released, urging an end to “egregious forms of harassment” towards the students who made a statement. You can access the letter through this link.

The letter emphasized that while there may be disagreement with some of the claims in the students’ statement, it is important to acknowledge that expressing such opinions should not be labeled as anti-Semitic. The claims made by the students are currently being debated by various governmental and non-governmental entities at the highest levels, and are therefore a legitimate subject of political and legal discussion.

According to Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine, the attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7th was a “counter-offensive against their settler-colonial oppressor.”

According to the statement, Palestinians have been enduring the longest military occupation in recent history, and it is their right to resist as protected by international law.

The scrutiny on the university intensified after Professor Joseph Massad referred to the Hamas attack as “awesome” and “incredible,” as reported by The Messenger.

Over 35,000 individuals have signed a petition advocating for his dismissal. Massad’s name emerged as one of the signatories in the faculty’s recent letter.

Leon Cooperman, a billionaire, has announced that he will no longer be making donations to Columbia University due to recent protests regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict. Cooperman, who is an alumnus of the university, made this decision in response to the controversy surrounding the issue.

During a recent interview with Fox Business, the speaker expressed his opinion about college students, stating that he believed they lacked intelligence. His exact words were, “I think these kids at the colleges have sh– for brains.”

During a recent campus vigil, an Israeli-American assistant professor criticized a statement made by students. Shai Davidai accused the university president, Minouche Shafik, of endorsing what he called “pro-terror student organizations.”

Davidai expressed his concern for his daughter’s safety and stated that he would never send her to Columbia if she were 18 years old. He believes that the level of protection for individuals in Columbia is insufficient and therefore, it is not a safe place for his daughter to live in.

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