'My son was scared for his life.' Mom says gun was pointed at 6-year-old who left candy on wrong doorstep

My son feared for his life. Gun pointed at 6-year-old who left candy on wrong porch, mom says

According to reports, a mother recounted the terrifying incident where a man held a gun to her 6-year-old son’s head, leaving the child absolutely frightened for his life. The gravity of the situation is palpable, and it’s hard to imagine the fear and anxiety that the child and his mother must have experienced during that moment.

According to a report by News 12, the incident occurred on Saturday night at Rockcrest Road in Manhasset.

As per the court records, the mother stated that she was sitting in her car outside her daughter’s friend’s house when her children approached the front door, rang the bell, and left a bag filled with Halloween candy on the porch.

According to her, they departed in the car. However, her daughter later expressed uncertainty, suspecting that they mistakenly delivered the candy to the incorrect house.

After being taken into custody, Michael Yifan Wen faced charges of menacing and endangering the welfare of a child.

As per the court records, he reportedly stated verbally, “I just wanted to scare them today.”

According to Wen’s lawyer, William X. Zou, Wen and his family had been feeling anxious due to a few incidents where their house’s doors were banged loudly at night and in the evenings.

According to Zou, the night before the incident, he was interrupted by two unfamiliar individuals who knocked on his door and quickly fled the scene.

The children were absolutely frightened when they heard someone trying to forcefully enter their home. They felt a strong sense of fear and concern, wondering if someone was attempting to break into their personal space.

According to him, the absence of candy in those situations does not constitute “ghosting” as it may seem.

According to reports, Wen’s license to carry a gun has been suspended by officials.

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