Heavy smoke filling the air in New Orleans

New Orleans is engulfed in dense smoke, causing visibility issues and a pungent odour. People have complained about the foul smell on social media for several days. According to the New Orleans Fire Department, the haze is caused by a fire near Bayou Sauvage.

The fire is located southeast of Blind Lagoon, close to Bayou Sauvage Ridge. Back on July 29, 2023, a lightning strike caused the conflagration. It has been raging since then. The foul odour may originate from the smouldering peat. Peat is decomposed plant matter. Our weak winds are unable to disperse the smog. This afternoon, a moderate southeast wind blew.

This brought the smoke from the Bayou Sauvage and Lafitte fires to our location. The atmosphere was filled with smoke! The United States Fish and Wildlife Service is reportedly unable to access the area where this fire is located. It is encircled by water, so fire engines cannot approach.

A dense fog advisory is in effect from 3 AM to 10 AM on Monday. Temperatures will approach dew points, and fog will form. The issue is that smoke increases the number of airborne particulates. Moisture condenses on these particles, causing the formation of haze. Expect a significant decrease in visibility as the morning progresses.

Sewerage and Water Board is pouring water into the area to extinguish the blaze. In addition, there is a marsh fire near Lafitte. It has 52 per cent containment. According to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, firefighters from seven states and four federal agencies are battling the fire. There is still a great deal of pollution, which is causing travel difficulties.

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