Massive Snowstorm

New York State Experiences Unusually Heavy Snowfall on This Date

As we approach the weekend, New York State is gearing up to welcome the new season of Fall. However, it seems like the weather has some surprises in store for us, as there are rumours of snowfall shortly.

With the arrival of fall this Saturday, we can’t help but get excited about all the things that come with the cooler weather. Football is one of the best things about this season, and there’s nothing quite like a crisp evening spent rooting for your favourite team.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we’re in for a snowy season, and it might be just around the corner. While there’s no definitive date, one possibility is on the horizon. The snow could be closer than we think.

It starkly contrasted with the scorching temperatures setting records across many parts of the United States. While people were sweating it out in other regions, Rochester, New York, was experiencing a deluge of rain. It seemed like it wouldn’t stop raining anytime soon.

Did the excessive rainfall this summer benefit gardens and farms? In general, yes. However, some farms experienced crop damage due to the intensity of the downpours. According to the National Weather Service, this summer saw a record-breaking rain.

According to records, the Rochester airport received an impressive 12.25 inches of precipitation during July and August. This marks the highest rainfall recorded during these two months, surpassing the previous 12.12 inches set in 1947.

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