A Californian mother dies after a procedure at a dentist, and the anaesthetist is still licensed

Anaesthetist who sedated California mother who died after dental procedure still holds license.

Tina Owens’ tragic story sheds light on the dark side of Beverly Hills, where even A-list celebrities seek their million-dollar smiles.

As a successful entrepreneur and the founder of the renowned Halocouture hair extension brand, Tina had set her sights on achieving the perfect Hollywood smile. To make this happen, she turned to the prestigious clinic of Dr. Kevin Sands, located in the midst of iconic designer storefronts such as Gucci and Cartier. However, what was supposed to be a simple procedure quickly turned into a nightmare for Tina.

According to reports, Dr. Hadi Nassar, the anaesthetist responsible for Tina’s care, has been accused of “gross negligence, incompetence and unprofessional conduct” by the Dental Board of California. After only an hour under general anaesthesia, Tina’s condition deteriorated rapidly, which was alarming. What was even more concerning was that instead of relying on the extensively trained Dr. Nassar to perform CPR, a dental assistant with minimal clinical experience was left to handle the situation.

After the tragic incident, Rachael, the daughter of Tina, has emerged as a strong voice of grief and activism. She expressed her anguish by stating, “Our family was shattered, and my mother lost her life due to the negligence that day,” highlighting the pain and suffering Tina had to endure before succumbing to a traumatic brain injury.

The family felt even more devastated when Dr. Nassar’s license was not revoked, despite the severe accusations against him. Instead, a lenient punishment of a five-year review period was given. Rachael expressed her disappointment and heartbreak, describing it as nothing but a “slap on the wrist.”

Dr. Sands, the owner of the clinic, has expressed his condolences to the family of Tina, who tragically lost her life. The clinic, which is a popular destination for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber, has attempted to distance itself from the incident. Dr. Sands confirmed that Dr. Nassar is no longer associated with the practice, and he wishes to convey his sympathies to the bereaved family.

Rachael’s sorrow is palpable as she shares, “The absence of my mother is a constant reminder in my daily life. It’s crucial that we prevent others from experiencing the same pain we have.”

Tina’s husband, Brent, fought for justice by filing a civil lawsuit against both Dr. Sands and Dr. Nassar. He accused them of medical negligence leading to his wife’s wrongful death, among other charges. Despite the duo’s denial of the allegations, the case was settled confidentially in 2021.

The heartbreaking story of Tina Owens is a poignant example that even in seemingly perfect places, grave errors can occur. For those who are left to pick up the pieces, seeking justice and answers can become a lifelong pursuit.

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