Rapper Mad Muzik Cali Arrested For The Death Of His Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend

Rapper Mad Muzik Cali Taken Into Custody for Alleged Involvement in the Death of His Pregnant Ex-Partner

Authorities in Georgia have apprehended Justin Rene Lewis, a rapper from New Orleans who goes by the stage name Mad Muzik Cali. He was taken into custody on suspicion of killing his wife, Sidni Dalcour, back in 2017. Despite being linked to the crime, he was never formally charged until now.

In Georgia, earlier this month, the rapper was apprehended on suspicion of shooting his ex-girlfriend, Raesha Heard.

In the latest edition of TSR Investigates, our very own Justin Carter is uncovering the facts. As always, The Shade Room is committed to bringing you the most up-to-date information and we’re excited to have Justin on the case.

Mad Muzik Cali & His Suspected Connection To His Ex-Girlfriend’s Recent Death

According to Carter, Raesha Heard, a 31-year-old mother who was two months pregnant, was tragically shot multiple times on October 11 while unloading groceries from her car at her parent’s home in Dekalb County.

As per the police report acquired by The Shade Room, Heard suffered blows to her back twice, once in the chest, leg, and head.

Moreover, the shooting incident occurred in the presence of Heard’s nine-year-old son and her family members who were inside the house at the time of the incident.

Following the unfortunate demise of Heard, Mad Muzik Cali took to Instagram Live and allegedly accused Heard’s family of spreading rumors about his involvement in her passing.

“It’s crazy how everybody try to bring you down when they don’t even know what’s going on,” the rapper said.

Moreover, the rapper asserted that the likelihood of him being the father of Heard’s unborn child was only a possibility.

The police report states that Heard’s mother notified the authorities about her daughter’s pregnancy. The report also mentions that the individual who is believed to be the father of the child requested the 31-year-old actress to end the pregnancy. However, the father’s name has been redacted from the report.

According to the report, the man had also fired shots at Heard’s car a few months prior. He claimed that she was not hurt because the weapon’s clip had fallen out.

Authorities were not informed of the incident at the time.

The Rapper’s Alleged Connection To His Late Wife’s Passing

During the course of his investigation, Carter had the opportunity to speak with Traci Dalcour, the sister of Sidni Dalcour, the late wife of Mad Muzik Cali. According to Dalcour, the rapper was allegedly “abusive” towards her sister.

“She was married to Justin for five years — he was really abusive to her. He fought her a lot like he gave her black eyes, he put her in the hospital, she had to have staplers in her head,” Dalcour recalled.

According to Moriah Dyer, Dalcour’s cousin, Sidni’s family made efforts to persuade her to end her marriage, but unfortunately, their attempts were not successful.

“She loved him so much, I think she had hope and dreams that he would change his ways, and he never did,” Dyer explained.

Sidni Dalcour was discovered on May 18, 2017, deceased from a gunshot wound in her running vehicle outside a New Orleans apartment complex.

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