The Best Urban Legend in Ohio

The Top Urban Legend in Ohio: A Compilation of Myths and Legends

When it comes to strange tales and urban legends, Ohio has its fair share of spooky stories. These tales are exclusive to Ohio and can send shivers down your spine. So, let’s delve deeper into some of this great state’s weirdest myths and legends.

1. Satan’s Hollow

This arcade game from the 80s is a classic. The game is set in a haunted forest where the player must fight off hordes of demons and monsters to reach Satan’s lair and defeat him. The game features impressive graphics for its time and is still a favourite among retro gamers today. Players can use various weapons and power-ups to help them in their quest, making the gameplay challenging and exciting.

Rumours have been circulating about a tunnel that has earned the name “The Tunnel to Hell.” It is believed that Satanists conduct strange rituals within its confines, including sacrificing animals to the devil in a concealed chamber. Despite being private property, some individuals venture inside out of curiosity. They have reported finding peculiar symbols etched on the walls, hearing eerie voices and growls, and some even claim to have witnessed a demon known as “The Shadow Man.”

2. The Ridges

This is a well-known psychiatric hospital located in Athens, Ohio. It was initially opened in 1874 as the Athens Lunatic Asylum and has undergone several name changes. The hospital gained notoriety in the 1970s for using controversial treatments such as electroconvulsive therapy and lobotomies. Today, The Ridges is no longer used as a psychiatric facility and has been repurposed as the Kennedy Museum of Art and the Kennedy Lecture Hall for Ohio University. The hospital’s history, however, still lingers, and it is said to be haunted by the ghosts of former patients.

An eerie abandoned mental hospital near Ohio University is the Athens Lunatic Asylum. The place is steeped in creepy folklore, such as a stubborn stain resembling a woman who refuses to disappear, bizarre happenings in the basement where patients were allegedly buried, and a frightening tuberculosis ward with unsettling tactics to manage patients despite being off-limits to the public, adventurous college students still brave the place to investigate its mysteries.

3. The Defiance Werewolf

The werewolf legend in question is not your average tale. Eyewitnesses have claimed to have seen a large creature resembling a werewolf, with one individual even alleging that it attacked him with a wooden object. While the story may seem peculiar, the consistency in the descriptions of the creature has led law enforcement to treat it as a serious matter.

4. The Legend of the Loveland Frog Men

There is a legend in Loveland, Ohio, about a group of humanoid frogs that inhabit the area. According to the legend, the Loveland Frog Men are three to four feet tall, have leathery skin, webbed hands and feet, and stand upright like humans. They are said to have first been spotted in 1955 when a businessman reported seeing three frog-like creatures on the side of the road. Other sightings followed, including one in 1972 by a police officer who claimed to have shot one of the creatures. Despite the officer’s account, no physical evidence of the Loveland Frog Men has ever been found. However, the legend persists and fascinates those intrigued by the unknown.

According to legend, there have been reports of frog-like creatures dating back to 1955. These creatures stand four feet tall and walk on two legs, resembling something straight out of a fairytale. Sightings of these creatures occur every few decades, with the most recent sighting being in 2016 when two teenagers playing “Pokémon Go” claimed to have spotted a giant frog standing upright.

5. The Legend of Cry Baby Bridge:

There is a legendary tale passed down across several states, including Ohio, known as “Crybaby Bridges.” These spooky locations are not limited to one area, with over twenty such bridges in Ohio alone. The recurring theme of this narrative revolves around a grieving mother who, overcome with despair, throws her infant child into the nearby river, often with tragic results. However, the most unsettling part of this story emerges when brave individuals visit these bridges in the late night hours and turn off their vehicle engines. According to local beliefs, one can hear the mournful cries of an unseen baby echoing through the stillness of the surroundings, shrouded in darkness.

6. Hatchet Man Road

is a well-known street that has gained notoriety for its dangerous reputation. This road is where violent crimes occur, and it has become a symbol of fear for many people. Despite efforts to improve safety, the road remains a concern for residents and visitors alike.

Every scary myth list must have a spooky tale of a ghostly attacker. According to legend, in the 1800s, Andrew Hellman killed his wife with a hatchet and spread her remains on the road near his Bellefontaine residence. It is believed that if you turn off your car late at night, you may witness the scattered pieces and even spot a man with a hatchet lurking nearby.

7. Lake Hope Furnace:

Some individuals can’t seem to let go of their work, even in death. One such example is the ghost of a furnace worker at Lake Hope State Park. Despite passing away, it is said that he still appears to light the old iron furnace on stormy evenings. The ghostly worker carries a lantern but vanishes whenever anyone gets too close.

8. Ohio State Reformatory

If you’re a fan of “The Shawshank Redemption,” you might recognize this location. The empty building has become a popular destination for guided tours, with many visitors reporting eerie experiences. Some claim to have heard footsteps, knuckles tapping on cell bars, and even the voices of long-departed prisoners who lost their lives within its walls. The building seems to be haunted by a ghostly presence, which adds to its creepy aura.

9. Gore Orphanage

The legend of Gore Orphanage is a spooky story passed down for generations. It is said that in the late 1800s, a fire broke out in the orphanage, killing many children trapped inside. According to the story, the ghosts of these children still haunt the area, and visitors have reported hearing cries and seeing apparitions. While there is no evidence to support Gore Orphanage’s existence, the legend has become a famous tale among ghost hunters and thrill-seekers. Whether or not the orphanage existed, the story serves as a reminder of the tragedies that can occur and their impact on communities.

According to local lore, this place has a haunting history shrouded in mystery and intrigue. The stories surrounding this location vary, with some claiming that a devastating fire claimed the lives of all the children in the vicinity. Others believe that it served as the site of bizarre and unsettling rituals. Regardless of which tale holds, numerous visitors have reported eerie encounters in the nearby abandoned children’s cemetery.

10. Beaver Creek State Park

is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. It boasts stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and offers various outdoor recreational activities. From hiking and fishing to camping and picnicking, there’s something for everyone at Beaver Creek State Park. Visitors can explore the park’s many trails, which wind through lush forests and beautiful streams. The park also features a historic pioneer village showcasing life in the 1800s. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Beaver Creek State Park’s natural beauty and rich history.

As the story goes, a canal worker suffered an unimaginable tragedy during the construction of canals in East Liverpool, Ohio. His wife and daughter died in a tragic accident, leaving him devastated. In his grief-stricken state, he sealed their coffins into the canal walls before taking his own life by drowning in the river. Despite the channel being empty now, the legend tells that the man can still be seen at night, carrying a lantern and searching for his beloved family.

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