Two charged with selling cocaine

Two individuals accused of drug trafficking cocaine

Last week, David M. Hoovler, the District Attorney of Orange County, disclosed that two defendants who were charged in a two-year investigation of narcotics involving the distribution of cocaine in the cities of Middletown and Port Jervis were arraigned on an indictment in Orange County Court.

Michael Rodriguez, a Yonkers local aged 48, has been accused of several criminal charges, including criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first and third degree, two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon in the second degree, conspiracy in the second degree and collaboration in the fourth.

The director of Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence, Rodriguez, has been sent back to Orange County Jail without bail. This program is a well-known anti-violence initiative that receives funding from the government to ensure the safety of Bronx streets.

Angelica Rodriguez, a resident of Otisville, has been accused of committing several serious crimes. These include two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance in the third degree, two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon in the second degree, conspiracy in the second degree, and cooperation in the fourth degree. She was held in custody and required to post a $100,000 cash bail, a $500,000 fully secured bond, or a $750,000 partially secured bond to be released.

The pair of defendants entered a plea of not guilty for all charges brought against them.

The Middletown Police Department conducted an investigation that primarily focused on Angelica Rodriguez, also known as “Jelly,” for her alleged involvement in cocaine trafficking within and near Middletown. In due course, the Orange County Drug Taskforce and Port Jervis Police Department joined the investigation to assist in the case.

According to sources, Angelica Rodriguez and her accomplices were discovered to be receiving cocaine to sell in Middletown through court-approved surveillance. The suppliers were allegedly also providing drugs to dealers in Port Jervis.

According to authorities, Michael Rodriquez has been accused of providing cocaine to Middletown and Port Jervis narcotics dealers. After executing a search warrant at his Yonkers residence, officials found over 1.5 kilograms of cocaine and $165,509 in US currency, scales, a money counter, and other items commonly associated with drug trafficking. In addition to the drug-related charges, Rodriquez was found to have two illegal handguns – an unlicensed Ruger .380 calibre pistol and an unlicensed Bond Arms .357 calibre handgun. The search also uncovered a vacuum sealer, digital scales, and jewellery valued at approximately $50,000.

According to authorities, Michael Rodriguez was a regular supplier of cocaine to Angelica Rodriguez for distribution in and around Middletown. Similarly, he supplied Taino Lopez with cocaine for selling it in and around Port Jervis.

Officials have confirmed that Michael and Angelica Rodriguez are unrelated, and other individuals involved in this case are anticipated to be prosecuted soon.

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