Knicks center makes shocking allegation regarding NBA hygiene.

Mitchell Robinson believes that NBA basketballs have a specific color due to players not washing their hands.

During a discussion about the Knicks’ orange-heavy tournament court and its potential impact on visibility, New York Knicks center, Robinson, challenged the notion by asserting, “I always thought the ball was brown.”

According to Robinson and his teammate Jalen Brunson, a basketball starts off orange in the NBA, but as it gets broken in, it turns brown. When asked why it becomes brown, Robinson had a ready response.

“People in this league don’t wash their hands,” Robinson declared. “There are only a few individuals who actually practice proper hand hygiene. Fortunately, I am one of them. I always make sure to thoroughly wash my hands.”

It is a grave accusation in the post-pandemic NBA, but it is evident that certain prominent players in the league are responsible for the soiling of basketballs.

Steph Curry, always in control of the game, expertly maneuvers the basketball, occasionally even tossing his mouthpiece, leaving his saliva to mark his territory on the ball and his hands.

During his basketball career, Steve Nash incorporated a unique element into his free throw routine by licking his fingers to enhance his grip on the ball.

Steve Nash Ritual At the Line

During a conversation in 2008, Chris Paul revealed that he refrained from licking his fingers due to his germaphobia. However, he did admit to frequently wiping sweat off his arms to enhance his grip on the basketball.

Chris Paul & Steve Nash - Licking hands - 2008 All-Star practice

Aside from the disgusting aspect of basketballs being covered in saliva, Robinson’s remarks highlight the overall lax attitude the Knicks have towards hand hygiene. As someone who has been with the Knicks throughout his entire career, Robinson’s statement suggests that a majority of his teammates neglect proper hand-washing practices.

It is concerning, but it also presents a potential opportunity for Robinson to secure an endorsement. After all, there is no one else in the entire league who could serve as a better spokesperson for hand soap.

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