Animal Care Centers of NYC urgently plead for dog adoptions as shelters reach capacity

An animal care center in New York City is desperately urging people to adopt their dogs as the shelters are currently overcrowded.

According to Animal Care Centers of New York City, each cage currently houses two dogs. If these dogs are not adopted, there is a risk that more dogs may have to be euthanized.

Katy Hansen, from Animal Care Centers of New York City, expressed her shock at the current state of animal welfare, stating, “In the decade I’ve been involved in animal welfare, I’ve never seen it this bad.”

Two adorable puppies currently reside in a kennel on the second floor at Animal Care Centers of New York City, despite it being intended for only one occupant.

In October, the staff at East Harlem faced a crisis when they announced that the shelter would no longer accept dog surrenders. Since then, they have been tirelessly brainstorming and implementing innovative solutions to tackle this pressing issue.

At this facility, there is limited space available for 75 dogs, while their Brooklyn site can accommodate up to 95 dogs. However, with the recent influx of dogs, both locations are now housing a total of 150 furry companions.

Representatives from the Liberty Humane Society, Associated Humane Societies, and the Bergen County Animal Shelter have graciously shared their valuable insights and experiences.

“People surrender their pets when they are facing financial difficulties. It seems that people are hesitant to adopt animals because they are concerned about their financial situation,” Hansen explained.

Animals used to stay here for approximately five to seven days before the pandemic, but now they tend to stay for a longer duration, ranging between 17 and 20 days.

Dealing with an increase in abandoned pets, particularly those around 3 years old, presents a challenging and delicate situation.

“They were puppies at the start of the pandemic, and they were simply left behind,” Hansen explained.

The teams at the facility are actively seeking individuals who are interested in fostering dogs. This initiative aims to maintain a healthy balance in the number of dogs at the facility.

According to Hansen, there are rescue groups in the area, and the ASPCA up the street has also taken in a significant number of dogs.

However, there is a glimmer of progress.

“We’re here to find a Siberian Husky,” said Angel, who is in search of a furry companion to adopt.

This means that there could be a dog available for adoption that has just found a loving home.

Nicole emphasized the importance of friends and family during the holidays, stating that they are just as essential for them as they are for us. She highlighted that extending a helping hand is a meaningful gesture during this time of the year.

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