Cheapest Places to Live in Georgia

Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live in Georgia (2023)

Georgia should be on your list if you’re looking for a place with stunning scenery, affordable living, and a welcoming atmosphere. This southern state has been gaining popularity as a top destination to live in, but knowing where you can get the most bang for your buck is essential. That’s why we’ve compiled a report on the ten most affordable cities in Georgia in 2022. Our guide will help you find the best value for your money to enjoy all Georgia offers without breaking the bank.

Cheapest Places to Live in Georgia


Americus, a small town in Georgia, is considered the cheapest place to live. With a population of 16,230, it offers a great combination of history, culture, and education. The town is in the southwestern part of Georgia and is home to two prominent educational institutions – Georgia Southwestern University and South Georgia Technical College. These institutions infuse the town with a youthful vibe. The city centre boasts stunning historic architecture, local theatres, boutiques, restaurants, and other amenities. Despite all these features, the median home prices in this area are approximately $112k, making it an affordable option for homebuyers who want to invest in property with significant potential.


Located in central Georgia and founded in 1823, Macon is among Georgia’s most affordable places to live. The city is situated alongside the Ocmulgee River, providing a range of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, boating, and water skiing, making it a popular destination for those who love to indulge in outdoor adventures. The city also offers job opportunities in various sectors like transportation, logistics, finance, higher education, and healthcare. With median home values at $127,400, Macon is an ideal choice for first-time homebuyers looking for an affordable investment.


Cordele, a small agricultural community in Georgia, is renowned for its exceptional crops, which include watermelons, cotton, peanuts, and pecans. The city is affectionately called the “Watermelon Capital of the World.” Cordele’s location, approximately two hours from Atlanta and the Florida state line, makes it an ideal stopover for tired travellers. Moreover, with home prices averaging around $141,700, it’s one of the most affordable places to live in Georgia and a perfect destination to find a reasonably priced classic Georgia acreage.


Columbus, Georgia, is a city with over 200,000 residents and a median home price of $156,000, making it the most affordable city in Georgia with a population of over 100,000. Fort Benning, the massive army base, is one of the city’s most well-known landmarks, and Columbus is the second-largest city in Georgia. Although a significant percentage of the population is military personnel, Columbus State University students call this city home. The region’s low cost of living and vibrant urban ambience, combined with these attractions, make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an inexpensive area with plenty of local entertainment options.


Valdosta, situated along Interstate 75, accurately represents southern Georgia. The city boasts gorgeous azaleas, magnificent historic architecture, top-notch educational institutions, and local amusement parks that are highly regarded. The town’s stunning landscape and mouth-watering local cuisine, which includes all of the classicSouthernn delicacies, are sure to steal the hearts of its residents.

The Grand Bay Wildlife Management area is a treasure trove of natural walking paths, hiking trails, and an exclusive look at the local wetland habitats. With a median home price of approximately $166,100, Valdosta is an excellent choice for buyers who prioritize affordability.


Augusta, Georgia, is not only an affordable place to live but also one of the best. Known as the “Garden City of the South,” Augusta boasts lush green spaces, picturesque nature trails, and stunning gardens. The world-renowned Medical College of Georgia attracts students and young professionals to this city. Additionally, Augusta is famous for the annual Masters Tournament, making it a paradise for golfing enthusiasts. With a population of 127,315 and a median property value of $173,400, Augusta is one of the most affordable cities in Georgia. You can easily find budget-friendly properties in great neighbourhoods.

Warner Robins

Warner Robins, initially a tiny farming town in middle Georgia, has now transformed into a thriving city, thanks to the state’s most extensive Air Force Base on 6,395 acres. The Robins Air Force Base is the pricity’s mary source of employment and revenue. Apart from the base, Warner Robins offers its residents a perfect balance of commerce, outdoor recreation, and local entertainment. You can enjoy delicious meals at the Greek Village, hiking at Wellston Trail, or fishing at Walkers Pond. With an average home price of around $185k, Warner Robins is affordable for families nationwide.


Perry, located in the heart of Georgia, is a delightful and warm community epitomising Southernn hospitality. With affordable living and homes available at reasonable prices (starting at $209,800), this town in central Georgia is the perfect place for those seeking a more leisurely lifestyle. The city is renowned for its Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter, which hosts many events such as trade shows, equestrian shows, livestock events, fairs, and more. Perry is home to some of the best local breweries, fine dining options, and one of the most charming downtown areas in the state, making it an ideal destination for families looking for a perfect getaway.


Savannah, Georgia, is a hidden gem with sprawling oak trees and Spanish moss lining the city streets. Nestled along the Savannah River, it’s a bustling port town and one of the busiest in America. It’s only a shorit’senty-minute drive to Tybee Island and the Georgia coastline, making it an ideal location for beach lovers. With median home prices hovering around $270,500, Savannah offers affordable waterfront living at its finest.


Athens, home to the University of Georgia, offers a beautiful blend of affordable housing and vibrant entertainment. Residents can indulge in many options during the day, such as exploring brunch spots, thrift shops, local bookstores, and street performances. As the sun sets, the city becomes a lively hub of live music, craft breweries, bars, late-night eateries, and delicious food. And let’s not forgetlet’sfamous Saturday Game Days in the fall, where everyone comes together to cheer for the Bulldogs. Even though the rents in this area might be slightly higher than average, the median home prices are meager, amounting to just $289,300, one of the most affordable rates in the state.

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