Prosecutors claim man convicted in 2022 Bronx woman’s storage container death

Prosecutors announced that the cousin of the mother who was tragically killed last year, and whose body was hidden for several days before being found on a Bronx road, has been convicted by a Manhattan jury.

According to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Khalid Barrow is accused of killing his cousin, Nisaa Walcott, and then stealing her money. After the murder, Barrow allegedly used her apartment. Walcott’s body was discovered in a container on a street in Melrose.

Barrow has been found guilty of second-degree murder, concealing a human corpse, and other related charges, according to a statement by Bragg.

Bragg expressed his condolences to the family, acknowledging the irreplaceable void left by her death. He also expressed gratitude towards the jury for their thorough examination of the evidence in this profoundly unsettling case.

The sentencing has been set for Wednesday, Dec. 20.

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