Safest Neighborhoods in Baltimore

Top 9 Most Safest Neighborhoods To Live in Baltimore (2023)

Maryland’s economic and cultural centre is Baltimore, home to several professional sports teams and businesses such as Under Armour. Baltimore is a fantastic place to reside, but its reputation for safety isn’t always the best. This article will explore the ten safest places to live in Baltimore.

Most Safest Neighborhoods in Baltimore

Roland Park

Roland Park, located in Baltimore, is considered the safest neighbourhood in the city. This peaceful residential area has a population of 16,076 and is one of the earliest planned suburbs in the United States. Despite its reputation as a quiet community, Roland Park offers a diverse selection of restaurants and shopping destinations. The Baltimore Country Club, established in 1898, is also located in Roland Park.


Parkville is a safe and family-friendly neighbourhood located in Baltimore. It’s situatedIt’st north of Roland and has a population of 30,734. People who reside in the neighbourhood describe it as peaceful and surrounded by lush green parks. Belmont Park and Double Rock Park are the most popular parks in this area. Parkville is an ideal location for those who want to live in a peaceful environment but still be able to commute to the city.

South Baltimore

With a population of around 30,000, South Baltimore is a great place for singles and young professionals. Despite being a bit more expensive, the thneighbourhoodood offers easy access to an array of nightlife and amenities right in the city’s heart. Moreover, it’s known to be one of the safest areas to reside in Baltimore. Tneighbourhoodood has a youthful vibe, with most inhabitants in the age range of 25 to 3Thethe careful development and gentrification have an effect on crime rates in this area.


Towson, a suburb outside of Baltimore, is known for its safety and security. With a population of 55,197, the crime rate in Towson stands at 2,014 per 100,000 people, which makes it 14% safer than the national average. The probability of becoming a victim of a crime in Towson is 1 in 50. In addition to its safety, Towson is conveniently located only 25 minutes away from downtown and 30 minutes from the airport. The suburb boasts a plethora of shopping options and restaurants, with luxury brands having their outlets in the area.


Hampden, situated near downtown, is considered one of the safest residential areas in Baltim,  with a population of 5,989. Thneighbourhoodood is known as a blue-collar communities rapidly transforming into a gentrified area. The demographics of Hampden indicate that it is a youthfneighbourhoodood, with most residents falling within the 20-30 age bracket—the Avenue Hampden’s central cultural hub boasts art galleries, restaurants, and bars. Despite being situated in the city, Hampden offers several green parks, adding to the neighbourhood’s charm.

Federal Hill

With a population of 2,251, Federal Hill is a secure and historically rineighbourhoodood in Baltimore. Its significant links to the American Civil War have landed it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Thneighbourhoodood is ideal for young professionals who want to be close to the centre. Federal Hill Park is the perfect place to relax and unwind, with its vast green area amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. However, bear to the city, Federal Hill is one of the pricineighbourhoodsods in Baltimore.

Fells Point

Located along the southeastern Baltimore waterfront, Fells Point hosts a population of 4,436. It’s the perfect spot for bar hopping, as it has the highest concentration of drinking establishments in the entire city. Fells Point is conveniently situated just 1.5 miles from downtown Baltimore’s business district. Visitors can also enjoy browsing through antique shops, listening to live music, dining at various restaurants, and sipping at one of the many independently owned-coffee bars in the area.


Situated on the southeastern waterfront, Canton is home to around 10,826 people. It is considered a haven due to its proximity to Baltimore’s Baltimore district and other secure neighbourhoods. Tneighbourhoodood is known for its lively community, family-friendly environment, and burgeoning social scene. Canton has undergone massive gentrification since the late 1990s and ranked 17th among the most gentrified zip codes in the US from 2000 to 2016. Additionally, Canton boasts a great blend of green spaces, parks, and waterfront walkways.

Mount Vernon

Wrapping up our rundown of Boston’s most Boston’s areas is Mount Vernon. With a populace of 1,067 individuals, the neighbourhood is situated north of the downtown district and is one of the city’s oldest and wealthiest residential areas. Mount Vernon is a fantastic choice for youngsters and students who wish to stay near the heart of Baltimore. Tneighbourhoodood is named after Mount Vernon, the famous residence of George Washington, and the original Washington Monument remains a prominent attraction in the area.

Final Verdict

Although Baltimore has a notorious reputation, several safe areas exist in and around the city. the city is transforming, with an influx of young people and businesses moving into Broome. However, Baltimore still has a higher crime rate than the national average, so visitors and new residents should exercise caution and use common sense when navigating the city.

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