Avoid Big Gulps at This Broward 7-eleven, a Florida Inspector Found Rat Feces

Florida Inspector Discovers Rat Feces at Broward 7-Eleven, Warning Against Big Gulps

If you’re looking for a quick snack or a refreshing beverage, this particular 7-Eleven located near the hotels in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport area might not be the best option. Unfortunately, you won’t find any Big Gulps, late-night hot dogs, or even Slurpees here.

Upon finding evidence of rat infestation at a corporate-owned 7-Eleven located at 205 E. Dania Beach Blvd, state inspector Pedro Llanos took immediate action and shut down the establishment. It was an unfortunate Friday for the store, as Florida Department of Agriculture inspector Pedro Llanos had to take action against the rat infestation.

Two of the discovered infractions had the most significant impact on the store’s operations. During an inspection of the cashier’s office, authorities found several rodent droppings and chewed mayonnaise packages inside a cabinet located under a coffee thermos.

Upon inspection of the back room, it was discovered that there were several instances of rodent droppings present on the floor, located in close proximity to the emergency exit door.

Inspector Llanos took action by issuing Stop-Use Orders, which resulted in the closure of all beverage machines, rolling grills (containing hot dogs), the hot holding case, and the oven. The beverage center and food service area were also closed down, which included all food processing in that particular location.

Other issues arose, particularly in the backroom

    1. Numerous small, flying insects were observed around the mop sink” in the backroom, maybe because there was a “visible gap along the bottom of the back door leading outside.
    2. With the flies and rodents, it seemed risky to keep “trays of pigs-in-a-blanket stored inside the walk-in cooler that is not covered.
    3. The employee unisex restroom’s door was not self-closing and was left open during the inspection, and the handwash basin inside lacked hand soap, paper towels, and any ability to dry or thoroughly wash hands.
    4. Someone brought in a can of Raid but evidently ignored the warning label: “USE IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS ONLY.”
    5. The dumpster was not covered with a lid outside.

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