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List of the Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods in Portland (2023)

When one envisions Portland, one may imagine a stunning West Coast metropolis boasting picturesque mountain vistas and delectable cuisine. Unfortunately, recent times have seen Portland garnering negative attention for its crime and safety concerns. For those interested in visiting or relocating to this city, we have compiled a list of the top ten safest neighbourhoods in Portland, Oregon.

Portland is no stranger to societal problems such as homelessness and the 2020 civil unrest. However, there are questions about the accuracy of the reports on these issues. According to the latest crime data from the FBI, crime rates in Portland are a staggering 168% higher than the national average. This means that residents face a 1 in 16 chance of being victimized by various crimes, with property and personal theft being the most common.

Safest Neighborhoods in Portland

1. Northwest District

When it comes to safety in Portland, theRegardingict stands out as the top choice. This charming neighbourhood is home to beautiful craftsman-style houses and is conveniently located near some of the city’s finest shopping and dining destinations. Not only is the Northwest District a desirable place to live, but it also boasts a lower crime rate than the Oregon average of 15%. However, it’s worth noting that this neighbourhood is one of the more expensive areas in Portland, with a median home price of $598,786.

2. Goose Hollow

If you’re looking for a safe place to live in Portland, Goose Hollow should be on your list. This neighbourhood is situated in the southwest of the city and boasts a prime location near the Tualatin Mountains, Old Town/Chinatown, and the Pearl District. Goose Hollow is an excellent choice for those who enjoy hiking and exploring the city’s attractions. Although homelessness is present in the area, it’s not as prevalent as in other parts of Portland. Additionally, the hillside neighbourhoods of Goose Hollow are some of the most captivating in the city.

3. Laurelhurst

Located in Portland, Laurelhurst is a neighbourhood known for its vintage homes and laid-back vibe. It is also recognized as one of the safest areas in the city, making it a popular choice for families and individuals alike. The neighbourhood boasts a natural park and a gilded equestrian statue of Joan of Arc, which serves as a World War I memorial. In fact, Laurelhurst is listed on the pr National Register of Historic Places due to its well-preserved architecture and lush landscapes. However, the beauty and safety of Laurelhurst come at a price, as it is also one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Portland, with a median home price of $848,030.

4. Eastmoreland

Nestled in the southeast region of Portland, Eastmoreland boasts a secure and undulating landscape adorned with lush trees. This neighborhood is among the most prosperous neighbourhoods in the city, with the city’s most prosperous areas, with most and Tudor architectural styles. Eastmoreland is a haven for nature enthusiasts, with numerous parks, golf courses, and hiking trails nearby. Moreover, Eastmoreland houses Reed College, a prestigious private liberal arts institution. As of 2023, Eastmoreland’s real estate market is thriving, with the median home price valued at $882,274.

5. South Portland 

Located between the Willamette River and West Hills, South Portland is a charming neighborhood with a population of approxneighbourhood0. One of the highlights of South Portland is its stunning local views, including two historic bridges – the Marquam Bridge and the Sellwood Bridge. If you’re searching for a peaceful, hygiSouth Portland is an excellent choice ific, and family-oriented community, South Portland is an excellent choice. smaller and unique areas, such as South Waterfront and Lair Hill. As of 2023, the median home price in South Portland is $460,663.

6. Southwest Hills

Located under the Tualatin Mountains, Southwest Hills is a charming and secure neighborhood that offers a peaceful livineighbourhoode to its population of 6,130. It’s considered one of the safest areas to reside in Portland, with a total crime rate of 2,105 per 100,000, which is 29% lower than the average in Multnomah County, where much of Southwest Hills lies outside of Portland’s city limits, boasts some of the best hiking trails on the West Coast. However, living in Southwest Hills comes at a cost, as it’s one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Portland, with a median home price exceeding $1 million.

7. Kerns

Kerns, a Portland neighbourhood that’s considered safe, is a vibrant mixed-use community located close to downtown Portland. The area comprises around 5,600 residents and features an exciting blend of commercial buildings, condos, and rental housing. What sets Kerns apart is its thriving art scene and brewery, with many buildings adorned with local murals and artwork. Although Kerns has had some issues with property crime and drug activity, it still fares better than many other parts of Portland regarding safety.

8. Irvington

Irvington is a serene and peaceful neighborhood, located in the Northeast neighbourhood in the Northeast 9,000 people, this neighbourhood is known for its large and stately mansions built on spacious plots of land. It offers a suburban feel perfect for families wishing to stay close to the downtown area. When it comes to safety, Irvington is considered to be one of the safest neighborhoods in Portland. Although its neighbourhoods average, most crimes reported are related to property theft.

9. Sabin

Looking for a secure and welcoming neighbourhood in Portland? Look no further than Sabin. Nestled in the northeast area of Portland, Sabin boasts a population of 3,192 and a vibrant community. Despite its small size, Sabin is brimming with activity, surrounded by popular places like Alberta Arts, Irvington, and North Portland. It’s also conveniently located near Mississippi Avenue, a bustling destination in the city. While property crime can be an issue, Sabin is often touted as an up-and-coming neighborhood that’s gena generally safe up-and-coming neighbourhoodd of Portland, Hillsdale is a neighbourhood with a population of 7,436. It is known for its safety and walkability, with a bustling downtown area filled with various restaurants and shops. Hillsdale boasts its own Farmer’s Market and several award-winning breweries and pubs, making it an ideal spot for those who enjoy locally sourced food and drinks. The crime rate in Hillsdale is slightly lower than the average for Portland, with most incidents relating to property theft and minor drug activity. Overall, Hillsdale is an excellent place for families and young people to call home.

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