2 women die after Jeep crashes

Police have reported that a tragic incident occurred in League City on Sunday night, resulting in two women’s lives lost due to a fatal crash.

Shortly after 10 p.m., a Jeep was involved in a significant single-vehicle accident in the 500 block of Bay Area Boulevard near FM-518. League City police promptly responded to the scene.

According to investigators, it seems that the driver could not maintain control of the vehicle while travelling in a northbound direction. This caused the Jeep to veer off the road and collide with a tree in the centre median.

Upon viewing the video footage of the scene, it is evident that the Jeep has sustained significant damage.

The paramedics did their best to assist the two victims, aged 27 and 32, but unfortunately, they were declared dead at the location. According to the police, there were no other occupants in the Jeep.

The League City Police Department is currently conducting an investigation into the fatal crash. If you have any additional information related to the case, please contact them at 281-332-2566. Your help could be crucial in resolving this matter.

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