Footage Released Of Ex-Con Shot

Newark Police Release Video of Ex-Convict Killed After Murdering 8-Year-Old Boy and Man

According to New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin, when officers arrived at the scene of the fatal shootings of a man and an 8-year-old boy on Johnson Avenue in Newark on May 3, they witnessed Everett Rand throwing a semi-automatic handgun with a large capacity magazine into a nearby Dumpster.

As the chase ensued, Rand, who is 29 years old, decided to continue on foot with several officers in pursuit.

After conducting a primary background search, it was discovered that Rand has been arrested multiple times over the past six years.

As the officers run, the points of view from their body cams seem to jump around, making it challenging to get a clear view of the confrontation that occurred just a short distance away.

You can access the recordings by clicking on this link: Newark — Rand Recordings (NJ Attorney General’s Office).

As Rand approached, he found himself near one of the officers. Suddenly, a series of nine gunshots echoed through the air.

As the officers surround him, he is observed lying facedown at the curb beside a minivan, with a firearm resting on the sidewalk nearby.

According to Platkin, it was confirmed that Newark Police Officers Steven Ferreira and Ryan Castro discharged their service weapons. However, he also clarified that the gun discovered near Rand did not belong to the officers.

The incident lasted only a few seconds, and hardly any communication was exchanged between the officers. They could only be heard shouting “Shots fired” into their radios while one of them kneeled over Rand and let out a profanity-laced exclamation.

It seems she managed to flee through a window on the second floor.

There hasn’t been any confirmation on whether Rand is responsible for the murders. However, the ballistic tests conducted on the semiautomatic handgun that he was carrying will determine if it was used in the homicides or not.

As Rand’s death was concerning, authorities had initiated a necessary investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding it.

Platkin is obligated by state law and his guidelines to thoroughly examine any death in New Jersey, regardless of the situation, if it happens during an encounter with a law enforcement officer acting in an official capacity or while the individual is in custody.

According to him, the guidelines ensure that the investigation is carried out with utmost fairness and transparency and without any political or personal biases.

After OPIA concludes its investigation, the attorney general ensures that the results are presented to the grand jury fairly and transparently. The attorney general emphasizes the importance of neutrality and objectivity when presenting the findings to the grand jury.

After the incident, the panel decides whether the shooting was justified or if further investigation is needed. They carefully examine all the evidence and then rule whether the actions were appropriate or unlawful. This decision carries significant weight and can determine the future course of action regarding the case.

In every incident, the process involves sharing all footage captured during the incident with the family of the deceased, including bodycam and surveillance videos and any other relevant footage. This was also the case in this particular instance, as explained by Platkin.

According to the statement, in New Jersey, an officer is permitted to use deadly force if they believe it is necessary to protect themselves or someone else from the immediate danger of death or serious physical injury.

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