Benjamin Dennis’ family wants a traffic light at San Leon intersection after truck kills boy

Tragedy struck a San Leon family when a 9-year-old boy was hit by a truck outside his home. Despite the best efforts of medical professionals, the young boy was taken off life support on Thursday evening. Our hearts go out to the family during this incredibly difficult time.

As the evening approached, Benjamin Dennis and his younger sister, Savannah, were getting ready to embark on a bike ride alongside an adult. Just before they set off, a surveillance footage captured Benjamin riding his bike onto 22nd Street. However, tragedy struck when a truck, turning left from FM 517, collided with the six-year-old boy.

“I was there right next to the road, so I ran into the road, and I yelled his name, and I dragged him away from behind the truck so it didn’t run over him again,” Savannah said.

As the incident occurred, their mother was busy cooking inside the house. The children were left unattended outside and were exposed to the danger.

Sarah Touchet, the mother of the child in question, recounts the moment with a heavy heart, “I just kept breathing and pleading with him to stay.”

Touchet reported that following his admission to the hospital, medical professionals informed his family that he had been declared brain dead.

After being on life support, the fourth grader at Lobit Elementary tragically passed away, and his organs were donated. Our thoughts and condolences are with his loved ones during this difficult time.

As per the crash report, the driver stayed at the accident spot. The report stated that the driver came to a halt on FM 517 and turned around, failing to notice Benjamin.

According to the family of the child involved, the man who caused the incident did not come to a complete stop before making the turn, as evidenced by their surveillance video.

According to Benjamin’s grandmother, Nancy Suffield, after watching the video, it was evident that he had no knowledge of hitting anyone until it was too late. “You could look at the video and tell me he never saw him,” she said. Suffield further added that Benjamin was completely unaware of the accident until after it happened.

Just weeks before Benjamin’s fatal crash, two individuals lost their lives in a motorcycle accident at the very same intersection. Touchet, who happened to be at home during the time of the incident, rushed out to offer assistance.

In remembrance of the victims of the crash, a memorial cross has been erected.

Touchet inquired, “As if that wasn’t already sufficient?”

According to the family, drivers tend to speed in the area on a regular basis, despite the posted speed limit of 50 mph. They strongly advocate for the installation of a traffic light at the intersection to avoid any further loss of life.

Suffield expressed his deep sorrow, saying, “I cannot bring my grandson back.” He went on to request assistance from someone to help them accomplish their goal, saying, “That’s why we’re asking for somebody to reach out and get this done, help us get this done, please.”

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