Media reports Kim Reynolds faces Twitter backlash after Iowa Republican speech

Media reports Kim Reynolds faces Twitter backlash after Iowa Republican speech

On Twitter, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds shared her recent Republican speech where she spoke about the values that make America great. She even posted a picture of herself speaking on stage and highlighted the record turnout of faithful patriots who showed up to support these values. Her tweet had the caption, “Record turnout of faithful patriots fighting for the values that make our country great! #FaithFamilyFreedom. That’s all we need!”

As is customary for Kim Reynolds, her speech received a significant amount of criticism, with a total of 75 people leaving comments on the photo. Although it is worth mentioning that not all of the comments were negative, it is safe to say that most of them expressed disappointment with her speech.

Here, one user named Mary Orantejo replied“If you are so jazzed about living in a theocracy where religion and politics are one—move to Iran or Saudi Arabia. We have a separation of church and state in the United States. Or did you forget about that?” This also prompted another commenter to add: “It’s not faith you’re opposed to, but morals. No one is proposing a theocracy.”

This comes just months after it was reported that Kim Reynold’s approval rating had fallen after a poll that asked Iowans about her leadership. Nonetheless, for now at least, it looks like business as usual for Reynolds who has continued her role as Iowa governor throughout the summer.

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